Project Fear: Four Songs About Modern Politics

by Louis Barabbas

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All money raised from sales of this EP goes to Médecins Sans Frontières.

This record features four songs from my musical (a story about political manipulation and power struggles) taken out of context and released as a response to recent events triggered by the EU referendum in the UK.
Tracks 1 and 3 are from the point of view of our political elite, tracks 2 and 4 are sung by the people affected.


released July 13, 2016

All songs written by Louis Barabbas
Recorded at WR Audio (except track 3, recorded at Louis' home).
Cover photo by Paul Wright. Design by Matilda Smith.

About Médecins Sans Frontières:



all rights reserved


Louis Barabbas Manchester, UK

Louis Barabbas is a writer, performer and label director, best known for caustic love songs and energetic stage shows. He is also a member of Un-Convention, occupies a seat on the Musician’s Union Live Performance Committee, is one of the moderators at Tom Robinson’s Fresh On The Net resource, fronts The Bedlam Six and presents a weekly show on Fab Radio International.
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Track Name: A Good Day To Bury Bad News
So you got new laws
You think may cause
Some civil wars
Well don't you worry
There's all to gain
Check the weathervane
You bring the rain
I'll bring the brolly
Shatter those taboos
What have you really got to lose
It's a good day to bury bad news

There is no need to lie
It's easy as pie
Believe me I
Can share your burden
Boy take heed
And follow my lead
'Cos all you need's a good diversion
Celebrity accused
Of giving somebody a bruise?
It's a good day to bury bad news

You want to legislate
But fear they'll hate
Your police state
Well don't be concerned
Doubts are raised
But we're not fazed
Check the final page
'Cos there you'll learn
When the world blows a fuse
Chaos ensues
That's a good day to bury bad news

This ain't no joke
'Cos we're the folk
Who shine the mirrors and pump the smoke
Don't be mistook
Take a closer look
'Cos what's a dagger without a cloak?
Military coups
Must I really give you clues?
It's a good day to bury bad news

I'm not afraid to say
Mistakes were made
But in all good faith
Well ain't that something?
It's our job
To see through the fog
While the drains are clogged
With yesterday's bunting
Sit back and choose
From all the menus
A good day to bury bad news

Beneath the mechanism
Of the political position
A problem has arisen
That demands a new revision
This eternal terrorism
Leads to untenable schism
And the people's decision?
Sign a new petition!

Power abused?
Fetch my thumbscrews!
It's a good day to bury bad
A good day to bury bad
A good day to bury bad news

Dig a hole
Dig a hole
Dig a hole hole hole
It's a good day to bury bad news
Fill it in
In in in
It's a good day to bury bad news
Dig a hole
Fill it in
You're on a roll
If you can spin
Why choose a bitter pill
When there's sweet medicine
While the people enthuse
And the journalists snooze
It's a good day to bury bad news
Track Name: How Long Can This Go On?
I'm in no hurry to see how this ends
Your minds seem made up
Well I guess that depends
If you think I
Would just stand by
Whining and pining away

I know it ain't easy
You're feeling betrayed
By all those tomorrows
That became yesterdays
Don't make no
Mistake though
We go on
'Til we've won
The day

Because in every town
For miles around
They're singing out
How long can this go on?

Don't try to stop me
Don't even pretend
This whole place is broken
But some breaks can mend
How can you
To do as you do

We've got so much desire
But not enough hope
I'm so sick and tired
I'm struggling to cope
With useless
Let's get on and do this

Because in every town...

How long can this go on?
How long do we bow down?
How long until we're strong?
How long can this go on?

You think closing your eyes
Will help you walk through the dark
I don't mean to chastise
But you're wide of the mark
And sooner or later
All you hesitaters must choose

Because in every town...

How long can this go on?
How long do we bow down?
When do we right this wrong
How long can this go on?
Track Name: Hate
The word "People"
Just means you and me
But "The People"
Means THEM
And The People
To you and me
Tend to be
A problem 

Because us people
Are so feeble 
While The People
Are strong
But direct their strength 
At their own ranks
And oh you can't go wrong

If you really want to run things
Then give the people something 
To hate

Pitilessly stupid
Like waves against a shore
If you give the people what they need
They only need it more
The best action
Is distraction
And disruption
And despair
The rut gets deeper
The sentiments cheaper
Who's really going to care?

No one notices the lies
When they're sharpening their knives

Non-conformities, minorities, differing priorities
Alternate sexualities, physical abnormalities
They're all in thrall to mystic pieties
Ignore their how and why-ities
Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate

So join the whining dining pocket-lining
Time of hate
Soak up the rising
Tide of hate

When accusations
Sweep the nation
Behold your willing congregation
Of hate
Everything will be ok
Unless you're foreign, poor or gay

Immigration, diversification
Gender reorientation
Other nations, skin-pigmentations,
Any form of variation
It is my recommendation
They're the cause of all your consternation
Hate Hate Hate

It's your hate so use it
Don't let anything diffuse it
Keep it close and never lose it
What is power if you can't abuse it?
Fear is unconverted Hate
Sadness: unconverted Hate
Weakness: unconverted Hate
Take these things and make them great

A feeling's worth a thousand thoughts
And the strongest feeling of them all is hate.
Track Name: Before You Disperse
Before you disperse
While you still fear the worst
And wonder what's done
And what we've still to do
At moments like these
It's easy to think that we
Are the last of an old way
Not the first of a new

We've been through this before
We're all tired and sore
And those years, well sure
Each one left their mark
But the seeds have been sewn
And though I know
You cant get blood from a stone
You can get a spark

Don't you want to feel like you're a part of something
Don't you want to feel like you did once before
Don't you want to feel like this is the start of one thing
That'll lead to more

We need to show that we're done
With stooping for crumbs
Though I suppose everyone here
Is ready to rest
Well I don't know about you
But I think it's human nature to
Seek out the odds
To pit ourselves against

Because we've not finished trying
This is no day for crying
Some flags are still flying
And some are buried with the dead
I'd never suggest
You ain't already given this your best
But all we have left now
Is what lies ahead

Don't you want to feel like…

I don't believe what they say
About good old days
Empty fantasies
Of big societies
Be on your guard
Because times are hard
For everyone
(well almost)
Don't rely
On getting by
I'm damned if I
Will stand aside
And lose all hope

Maybe our chances are slim
But don't think now of giving in
Who says we can't win
Because I think we just might
So gather your things
Let your hopes all take wing
Because mouths that still sing
Are mouths that still bite

Don't you want to feel like…